In its simplest form e-commerce is the shopping for and selling of merchandise and services by businesses and consumers over the Internet. There are additionally many free site visitors getting methods that people can apply in order to bring visitors and customers to their online real estate. It is not necessary for any E-Business to be physically present in the business world. If a company has an office, along with its physical presence and conducting its business activities over the Internet, then it will probably be termed as E-Commerce.

Another factor seems to be rising confidence that consumers have when it comes to buying online. At one time people were virtually scared to enter their credit card details into a computer, but now this is widespread practice for most people. This refers to any electronic transaction of merchandise or services between one customer and another customer. Generally, this can take place with the help of a third-get together, for instance, Amazon, eBay or Etsy as a marketplace for online selling and shopping for.

B2B definitely deals with companies who are doing business with each other. An example of this is manufacturers who are selling their product to distributors, and the wholesalers are selling it to retailers. Thus, the pricing can be based on the number of orders and is frequently up for grabs.

High Prices- One of the main ache point of a seller in the traditional ecommerce business model is the involvement of a middleman, who takes away a great share of money on every purchase. The seller has to pay the transaction processing fee for completion of each transaction.

Is it value to have Ecommerce for all the businesses? No, this isn’t true. Ecommerce is simply viable for those businesses, which are prepared to cross the boundaries and are not limited to a specific local area. This could be a small retail store selling sweets to a huge multinational company selling medicines.

Considering the world market for eCommerce , the Sri Lankan market is pretty small. This is one of the major information that are in favor of the local players. If it were something like the Indian market with several hundreds of thousands of customers for eCommerce , the local players would have been taken away by the international players. However, the truth is that the Sri Lankan eCommerce market remains to be considered by many international players.

Businesses selling to the general public sometimes via catalogues utilising shopping cart software. The basic model is to sell the product online to consumers. B2C is the indirect trade between the company any consumers and it provides direct selling through online.

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